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Experimental Psychology and UCL Life Learning launch neuromarketing workshop: educating the marketing industry on how to avoid bad science

15 October 2015

A new neuromarketing workshop for marketing industry professionals has recently been launched by Experimental Psychology supported by UCL Life Learning and UCL Consultants.

The workshop, which is run by Dr Joe Devlin and John Hogan (both Experimental Psychology) was developed because they found that they were regularly being approached by companies asking about the truth behind neuromarketing. The course is aimed at those involved in the promotion of products, services or brands and anyone who has ever wondered how neuroscience can be used to help understand consumer behaviour.

The short course examines the latest trends in neuromarketing and helps participants separate the facts from the hype, so that they are equipped with knowledge about the opportunities neuroscience can offer marketing, as well of its limitations.

Neuromarketing Workshop - MRI scanner

A team from Brainjuicer, a global market research company specialising in behavioural science, took part in the workshop and said: "We all really loved the variety of the course: we had a nice mix of classroom time with presentation and discussion and some hands-on practical aspects. It was very exciting and a real treat to be able to put one of our colleagues in the fMRI scanner and look at his brain!"