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Madeleine Mason

Madeleine Mason graduated from the UCL psychology department in 2008, publishing her dissertation on Social Intelligence in the Journal of Personality & Individual Differences.

She since went on to take a Masters in Occupational Psychology, which led her to do various "Occ Psych" projects such as designing a mentoring project for COLT, performance management at Breakthrough Breast Cancer and recruitment framework at Wrap It Up.

Discovering there was a need to help people make better and smarter choices in dating and relationships, she co-founded PassionSmiths.

To this day she uses knowledge gained from her BSc in Psychology, particularly memory, statistics, social- and cognitive psychology.

Her time at UCL also enabled her to gain transferable skills during her time heading the Undergraduate Students Representative body making tangible changes to student life.

In her own words: "UCL was a great place for me to gain valuable life skills, I only regret not taking up more offers to further those transferable skills".