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Finding module information

So, where can you find information about modules and how will you actually choose them?

Once you have completed enrolment you'll be able to complete the process of module selection using UCL's student portal, Portico. The only aspect of this process which MRes SLC students complete is to select either EDUCGE01 or EDUCGE02.

You will choose modules for Theoretical Frameworks in consultation with the Programme Director, and they will help you to liaise with the Module Coordinators to let them know you will be attending their teaching.

The best, quickest source of information on modules in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences is the Module Database. You can use the Module Database to search for keywords or specific module titles and then see a short description; see who teaches the module and how it is assessed.  You can also see the timetable for the module, though the 2017/18 timetable may not be visible yet, the 2016/17 should be a reliable guide for most modules.  Your programme website will include links for each module to the Module Database entry.

There are also published Module Information Sheets for an increasing number of the postgraduate modules in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences. These have similar information to the Module Database but are more descriptive and likely to include things like planned lecture lists and methods of feedback.

2016/17 module information is available now as a guide, all information for 2017/18 will be updated throughout August.

Module Database

Module Information Sheets - Language Sciences

Module Information Sheets - Linguistics