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Ellipsis Across Borders Conference 2016

The Ellipsis Across Borders Conference will be held on the 20th-21th of June 2016 by the EMSS Project. The conference will be hosted at two historic and cultural venues in the heart of the Old Sarajevo, Vijećnica and Bošnjački Institut.

This conference is organized as part of the project Experimental Morphosyntax of South Slavic languages, where agreement patterns are studied with a uniform methodology in six locations across the Western Balkans (in former Yugoslavia). This project has both a scientific and social agenda. On one side, it aims to investigate First and Last conjunct agreement in South Slavic languages and thus contribute to the currently debated topic (Bošković 2009, Marušič et al. 2015) which revolves around the need for clearer descriptions of the data. On the other side, the project aims to propagate psycholinguistic studies of South Slavic languages through cooperation between linguists across the borders of the former Yugoslavia.

Ellipsis is a grammatical phenomenon where a relevant part of the sentence is missing either due to deletion or incompleteness. Ellipsis comprises of a wide range of instantiations: NP/VP/TP-ellipsis, sluicing, pseudogapping, stripping, and conjunction reduction, to name just a few, and is increasingly becoming a highly prominent research topic. However, comparatively less theoretical or experimental work has been dedicated to cross-linguistic comparison of ellipsis licensing, or to the expansion of diagnostic tests for other phenomena related to ellipsis such as agreement or inter- and intra-speaker variation in ellipsis patterning, and these domains of theoretical interest still call for expansion of the theoretical base and experimental methods to bridge the gap between ellipsis and conjunct agreement and ellipsis and typological variability. We wish to cross the borders traditionally bounding research on ellipsis and bring together language scientists conducting both theoretical investigations on ellipsis and related phenomena (e.g. licensing, agreement, feature identity, coordination, extraction, multi-dominance, wh-fronting, P-stranding, RNR, Voice, gender markedness, inverse scope, recoverability, islands) and those studying ellipsis processing experimentally (e.g. grammaticality judgments, elicited production, quantitative corpus investigations, EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking). 
Abstracts are invited for talks on topics on ellipsis in all areas of theoretical linguistics, comparative linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, language acquisition, and clinical linguistics. More.

Klaus Abels (University College London):
Locality of covert operations: Lessons from multiple sluicing
Lyn Frazier (University of Massachusetts, Amherst):
Processing ellipsis: the Recycling approach revisited
Jason Merchant (University of Chicago):
Rebinding, ineffability, and limits on accommodation

EXTENDED abstract submission deadline: 7th of March, 2016

Late registration deadline: 31st of May, 2016
eab2015 Conference: 20-21st of June, 2016


For any queries please contact the conference organising committee at eab2016.emssproject@gmail.com.