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Elective Psychology modules

PLEASE NOTE: All psychology module registration is done online and not in person. Please go to the relevant link for your programme below and follow the procedure outlined to register. Email requests to administrative or teaching staff on the BSc Psychology cannot be answered.

TEACHING DELIVERY FOR 2021-22: Teaching delivery for UG Psychology modules for 2021-22 is largely online, with the general following format: lectures will be pre-recorded and should be watched asynchronously prior to the LIVE sessions (each module will have at least 1 hour of LIVE synchronous teaching supporting the lecture materials, the timing of which will appear in the Online Timetable). Most modules will also have Moodle Forum support available, which will be detailed on the module Moodle page. Please refer to the UCL Online Timetable to see the teaching delivery format for the module(s) you are interested in.


PSYC0038 - Introduction to Social and Business Psychology (15 credits / 7.5 ECTS)

PSYC0039 - Introduction to Psychology (15 credits / 7.5 ECTS)

These are introductory modules without pre-requisites, open to students from any department and in any year group. Students wishing to take these modules should register for them on Portico. Places are given on a first come, first served basis. If a module is full when you register, you will be informed via email that you have not been given a place.

ALL OTHER 1st AND 2nd YEAR BSC PSYCHOLOGY MODULES cannot be taken as general electives (unless you are a student on a programme with a shared teaching agreement, see below.)

SOME THIRD YEAR LEVEL BSc Psychology modules may be taken by students on other programmes as well, but STRICTLY ONLY BY STUDENTS IN THEIR THIRD YEAR OR ABOVE. Note that 3rd year modules are only suitable for students with some background in Psychology (e.g., A level or an introductory module), because elective students are evaluated against the same criteria as 3rd year BSc Psychology students. Please carefully read the guidance via the link relevant to your programme below.

Information for UCL students on degree programmes sharing teaching with the BSc Psychology

The links below lead to relevant information about available electives and how to register:








Information for non-Psychology students (on programmes not listed above)

Please use this link if you are a student on a programme other than those listed above:psychology_module_availability_2021-22_other_elective_students.pdf

Information for Affiliate / Study Abroad Students

All Affiliate/Study Abroad students, whose parent department at UCL is not Psychology must follow this link: psychology_module_availability_T2- 2021-22_affiliates.pdf

If you are an Affiliate/Study Abroad student whose UCL parent department is Psychology, please go to the Psychology Affiliate webpage for information about available modules.

If you are an intercollegiate student (registered at a college of the University of London) please go to the Intercollegiate Students webpage. If you are from a university that is not part of UoL, unfortunately UCL Psychology modules are not open to you.