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PALS Green Day 2021

PALS GREEN DAY | 14:00-16:00 WEDNESDAY 24 MARCH 2021 | #GreenUCLPALS

PALS Green Day 2021

The 2021 PALS Green Day is taking place on Wednesday 24 March between 14:00-16:00 (UK time)

Join us on GatherTown where we have created a virtual PALS Green World for you to explore and interact with our activities.


Follow the Green Feet (this year they're digital!) to our various activities. Spin the PALS Green Wheel of Zoom, add your steps to the PALS MoonWalk, take part in our Eco Treasure Hunt, drop in to our PALS GreenScreen to watch some environmental videos, view and add veggie recipes and nature photos, take part in our Sustainability-themed quiz and find out more about our proposed Psychology and Sustainability module.

TALKS (all in GatherTown)

  • 14:00 - Talk by PALS Green Impact Team on 'PALS Green Awareness'
  • 14:15 - Talk by Jo Hale (CBC) on ‘Behaviour Change Systems Change and Climate Change
  • 14:30 - Talk by Nick Anim (Bartlett) on 'We' Who?: The Psychology of Belonging and Othering in Environmental Activism'
  • 15:00 - Talk by Geraint Rees (UCL Life Sciences) and Richard Jackson (UCL Sustainability) on ‘Sustainability in the post-Covid world
  • 15:15 - Talk by Seigo Robinson (Institute for Sustainable Resources) on ‘An overview of the circular economy
  • 15:30 - Talk by Colin Davis (Bristol Psychology) on ‘What is Green Awareness?’
  • 15:45 - Sustainability-themed quiz


  • 16:00 - Social - opportunity for us to meet up socially and share vegan drinks*.

*We have put together a list of widely available vegan wines, beers and soft drinks that you might want to choose from and bring along to the virtual PALS Green Day 2021. View the vegan drinks list here.

To Join us on GatherTown for PALS Green Day 2021

  • Here is the link to join the PALS Green Day GatherTown: https://gather.town/app/4WTctgq919pibEvp/GreenImpact-PaLS 
  • If you haven’t used GatherTown before all you need to do is click on this link. It will launch GatherTown in your internet browser. The first thing you can do is choose your Avatar and type in your name.  Your name will be visible above your avatar to everyone else who joins the meeting. You will also need to test your camera and microphone are working on this first screen. Some browsers will ask you to confirm that you want to give gather town access to your camera and microphone. Note that you can’t use your camera or microphone on another platform such as Teams while in GatherTown. It also works best if you open gather town on your own computer rather than doing it through a remote connection. Before entering the PALS Green Impact GatherTown room you will be taken to a tutorial space.   You can either follow the tips to learn how to move your avatar etc. or just skip the tutorial and go straight to the PaLS Green Impact room.
  • Here is a video guide on how to use GatherTown: https://youtu.be/SCu42do1eHg   

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCu42do1eHg&ab_channel=Safia

Map of PALS Green GatherTown
Green Day Map