Institute of Nuclear Medicine


Kris Thielemans

After a postdoc in String Theory at Imperial College, I moved in 1997 to the Cyclotron Unit of the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Hammersmith London, then one of the world-leading centres in Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
In 2001, the MRC unit was privatised, becoming Hammersmith Imanet Ltd. This gave me the opportunity to work closely with General Electric from 2005. I was part of the team researching solutions for PET/CT, leading to contributions in current GE products for scatter correction, image reconstruction and motion correction.
In 2011 I moved back to academia, first at King's College London and now at UCL, where I lead a sub-group of prof. Hutton’s medical physics group at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine. I concentrate on scientific computing and improved quantification in medical imaging.