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Excitement as trial shows Huntington's drug could slow progress of disease

11 December 2017

Professor Sarah Tabrizi (UCL Institute of Neurology) has led a groundbreaking trial, showing the potential for an experimental drug to slow the progression of Huntington's. Read: Guardian, More: Independent, BBC News, Times (£)Telegraph, Reuters, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Sun, Metro, iNews, Express, Express (2)Guardian (2), CNN, ABC News, SBS News, iNews (2), Irish Times, Sun (2), Al Jazeera, Fortune, Radio New Zealand, Express & Star, CTV News, Deutsche Welle, iNews (3), Mirror, New Zealand Herald, Channel 4 News, BBC World Service 'The Newsroom' (5 mins 32 secs), BBC Radio 4 'PM' (from 32 mins 28 secs), Business Insider, The Conversation, Guardian (3)Guardian (4), Scientific American