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The UCL Knowledge: Introducing Lead@UCL, brought to you by Organisational Development

15 February 2024

If you’re a member of staff with leadership or management responsibilities – whatever your specialism – take a look at our one-stop shop for policies, guidance, resources, training and more.

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Lead@UCL is a bespoke online platform for all UCL staff, designed to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and connections to thrive as a leader at UCL. It is part of UCL's Organisational Development leadership development offer. Whether you are an experienced manager or an aspiring leader, Lead@UCL has something for you and your team members. Access a vast library of curated resources, from practical management toolkits to in-depth leadership development courses.

Discover tailored guidance and personalised recommendations to identify your strengths and reflect and chart your ideal leadership path.

Unleash your potential with three key elements:

  • Learning to Lead: Explore vast resources, including personalised development mappers, exclusive webinars, podcasts and other online resources.
  • Management Toolkit: Equip yourself with essential UCL guidance to navigate your managerial role confidently.
  • Leadership Portal: Hone your skills and discover new approaches focused on UCL's unique Ways of Working.

Don't miss out on exclusive opportunities – subscribe now to be the first to access a variety of webinars, masterclasses, and resources designed to support your leadership journey.

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