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UCL statement in response to motions passed by local branch of the University and College Union

31 October 2023

In response to our local branch of the University and College Union (UCU) passing a series of motions in relation to the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza, UCL provides the following statement:

ucl statement

A UCL spokesperson said: "Our local branch of the national University and College Union (UCU), which is an independent trade union organisation and separate to UCL, passed a series of incoherent and disturbing motions on Friday. 

"While they ‘condemn all forms of violence’ and note that the 'deliberate killing of civilians is always an atrocity’, they also use language that clearly incites indiscriminate violence.  

"We wholly condemn this incitement to violence, have called on the local branch to withdraw the statement, and have written to Dr Jo Grady, the General Secretary of the national UCU to take action against the local branch.  Language such as this has no place on a university campus."

Amended 1 November 2023