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UCL launches institutional LGBTQ+ action plan

26 October 2023

A message from Donna Dalrymple, UCL’s Chief People Officer.

The intersex inclusive pride flag. The flag shows horizontal rainbow stripes on the right hand side, and on the left hand side a chevron with black, brown, pale blue, pale pink, white and yellow stripes with a purple ring motif to the far left

Dear colleagues, 

We are delighted to share the institutional LGBTQ+ action plan with our university community. This strategy outlines the priorities for the next 18-24 months to ensure an inclusive, uplifting environment for UCL’s LGBTQ+ staff, students, alumni, and visitors.  

Following the decision to disaffiliate from Stonewall in December 2021, UCL’s senior leadership commissioned the LGBTQ+ Equality Implementation Group (LEIG) to develop an action plan tackling inequality, marginalisation and discrimination.  

Since beginning their work in November 2022, LEIG have collated statistical data, conducted listening exercises, sought input from colleagues responsible for implementing actions, and engaged across the university to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ staff and students.   

This has resulted in a thoughtful, robust action plan that has been endorsed by UCL’s EDI Committee. Some of the key institutional commitments are:  

  • Launching a university-wide LGBTQ+ training to increase understanding and foster inclusivity across UCL. 
  • Expanding our careers offering for LGBTQ+ staff and students so they are empowered to thrive in the workplace as their authentic selves. 
  • Equipping leaders with the tools and strategies to support LGBTQ+ inclusion in their roles.  
  • Strengthening our data systems to ensure changes to name, title, and gender are carried out robustly and seamlessly.  
  • Increasing the quality of data regarding the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community at UCL, allowing for further targeted and positive actions to be developed.  

LEIG co-chair, Noël Caliste said, “As UCL’s Envoy for LGBTQ+ equality, it was important to have hands-on involvement from the very beginning to ensure this framework met the needs of UCL’s LGBTQ+ community and was something they deserved.  

“By working on LEIG’s terms of reference, developing an initiatives fund, and ensuring the group’s membership was relevant and representative, I’ve had the privilege of seeing this robust action plan come to fruition. 

“It has been a challenging process; however, now that LEIG has achieved its purpose, the real work begins. A huge thanks to members of both the LGBTQ+ Equality Steering Group (LESG), as well as the members of LEIG who showed up continually on a voluntary basis – your collective efforts are appreciated and I look forward to seeing the action plan being implemented.”  

Professor Graham Hart, LEIG co-chair said, “I am immensely proud of the robust and thoughtful LGBTQ+ action plan that LEIG has developed.

“When I began my academic career, social attitudes and equality legislation were very different from today. The LGBTQ+ community experienced violence, threat and stigma. LGBTQ+ rights have thankfully progressed, but we are not complacent. There are still many opportunities for UCL to advance equality for staff and students, and I’m delighted to see these outlined in the action plan.   

“I look forward to seeing this work progress, creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and able to thrive as their authentic selves.” 

These commitments and projects will be carried out by staff across UCL, with the EDI team facilitating and monitoring progress.  

The Pro-Provost (Equity & Inclusion), Professor Alison Koslowski, echoed support of the plan, saying, “This thoughtful piece of work works in harmony with our wider institutional commitments to EDI and will play a crucial role in advancing equality across UCL. Fostering inclusivity and belonging among our LGBTQ+ community, especially our transgender and non-binary staff and students, is vital. I look forward to championing this work and other EDI priorities in my role.”   

For more details, please see the EDI webpage outlining the LGBTQ+ action plan

With very best wishes,  

Donna Dalrymple 
Chief People Officer, UCL