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UCL fire safety reminder: Christmas and festive decorations

14 November 2023

As the festive period draws near and thoughts turn toward decorations, please remember that festive decorations, including Christmas trees, need to be safely managed within UCL buildings.

Portico statue

Please consider the type and location of decorations, trees and lights, to minimise the risk of fire and ensure the safety of building occupants. The following are essential fire safety considerations:

  • Natural trees and candles are not permitted inside UCL buildings for festive decoration nor any other purpose.
  • Any artificial trees must be labelled fire retardant and meet CE standards.
  • Outdoors locations, including open-air courtyards and 'quads' are suitable locations for decorative trees.
  • You must secure trees against falling over or being knocked over.
  • Do not obstruct entrances and emergency exit routes with trees and decorations.
  • Keep decorations away from sources of heat or ignition.
  • Turn lights off when the room will be empty i.e. overnight for an office, or anytime a residence will be empty.

Full details can be found in the technical note TN 041. The use of artificial smoke, pyrotechnics, and equipment that generates powder, dust, or fine material is subject to a proper risk assessment before being used on UCL premises.