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Commission on policy engagement by area experts at UCL: Last chance to take part

21 June 2023

Share your experiences of policy engagement by country and regional experts and provide your views on priorities for future support by attending the final workshop on 4 July, and completing a survey.

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Many academics with area expertise – that is, deep knowledge of the political, social, economic, and cultural features of particular countries and regions – are already engaged with members of the policy community, providing insights that help shape the responses of politicians and policymakers to developments around the world. 

We’re currently consulting within UCL, and with external stakeholders, to identify what works in policy engagement and what could be enhanced. The results of these consultations and other activities will feed into a final report with recommendations that will be presented to the Vice Provost (Research, Innovation and Global Engagement) and the Vice President (External Engagement) in autumn 2023. 

Share your views via a workshop and survey 

We’re running a workshop on 4 July, 11-12.30: Sign up to take part 

In addition, we’re inviting anyone who is interested (including those planning to attend a workshop) to complete a short survey. This survey addresses a series of questions relating to colleagues' current involvement in policy engagement, as well as their ideas for enhancing existing work and support.   

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