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Three weeks of roadworks have begun in Byng Place and Torrington Place

17 January 2023

Roadworks on Torrington Place and Byng Place began on Monday 16 January. Torrington Place is closed to all traffic except bicycles. The cycle path will remain open in both directions.

A photo of a winter's morning opposite the Roberts Engineering Building and Malet Place entrance

Local diversion routes are in place while the road is closed to traffic. Contractors are mitigating noise using a range of measures, including fencing with acoustic blankets surrounding the works site. The works will include breaking the road hardtop, duct installation, and backfilling trenching.

If you are using any affected roads for your journey please look out for, and follow, the temporary rules on the roadside signage. This work is being undertaken as a consequence of HS2 works near Euston Station. These works are not on UCL’s behalf.

We reported previously that work would take place on Gower Street. This will not happen during the three-week period for works on Byng Place and Torrington Place. We are told that this will take place in a different phase of work. The timing of this work is yet to be confirmed but may be in March. It is believed this work will involve the temporary closure of the cycle path and one lane of traffic on Gower Street.

UCL has been advised by the contractors that the works will cause minimal disruption, however, if you have any concerns about the work, please contact HS2 on freephone 08081 434 434 or email HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk. HS2 are liaising with the contractors working on site. We will do our best to keep you updated about any potential disruption. Please note that works can be brought forward as well as delayed.