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UCL Council announces appointment of new member

18 May 2022

Phil Clark has been appointed to UCL’s Council and has joined the Finance Committee and Investments Committee. Mr Clark will serve as Council member from 1 August 2022 until 30 September 2025.

Phil Clark

Phil Clark is an experienced global investment executive whose roles have included being the Global Head of Real Assets Equity at AEGON Asset Management, where he had responsibility for direct and indirect, listed and non-listed investment strategies, as well as being Head of Specialist Property Investment Funds at Aviva Investors.

Phil has over 30 years’ international industry experience as a successful investment executive and has also enjoyed creating and teaching postgraduate programmes and a non-executive career of fulfilling governance oversight in the university sector. Phil’s non-executive experience includes many Board positions, notably as Board Trustee of the University of London and inaugural member of its Finance Committee and Chair of its Estates Committee.

He has held multiple Board leadership positions in industry, including as the current Chair of Pinnacle Investments and the RICS Commercial Property Forum, and is a former Chair of the Investment Property Forum Board and has been a regular attendee of the Bank of England Commercial Property Forum.

Aside from a wealth of financial and property expertise, Phil brings a passion for facilitating accessible education. He chairs and jointly established the Academy of Real Assets, the purpose of which is to break down barriers and give children in the 2,000 most economically challenged state schools in the UK access to networks, mentoring and work experience in the real assets and investment management industry.

On being appointed Phil Clark said: “I am thrilled to be joining UCL as an external member of its Council. The University is world class in its knowledge creation, education and innovation and has an exciting vision of its future plans, which I look forward to supporting in my role on UCL’s Council.”

Phil will join the UCL Council on 1 August this year as Baroness Jo Valentine, Vice-Chair of Council since October 2017, will finish her term after almost eight years of service as an appointed external member.

Phil has been co-opted to serve on two committees, the Finance Committee and its sub-committee, Investments Committee, ahead of joining Council on 1 August 2022. Phil has been appointed to serve on both committees from 1 August 2022, coinciding with the start of his appointment to Council.

UCL Council Chair Victor Chu CBE said: “I am delighted to welcome Phil Clark to Council from August and to the Finance Committee and Investments Committee. This is an exciting opportunity for us to work with him and I look forward to the wealth of expertise that he will bring to these roles.

"Phil joins us at an important time for UCL: our work to develop a new 5-year strategy is underway, and institutions globally are grappling with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and a rapidly shifting economic environment.

"I would also like to offer my sincere gratitude to Baroness Valentine for the invaluable contribution she has made over the course of eight dedicated years on the Council, particularly as Vice-Chair since 2017.”



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