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Your questions answered on the future of Education

13 June 2022

Professor Kathleen Armour answers your questions on the future of Education

UCL students on quad

This academic year UCL has been talking to students and staff about shaping the next five years at UCL and what needs to be done in that time to improve your experience here. A key part of the student experience is your education and in February UCL published the Education Priorities and Programmes discussion paper which proposed four main projects to improve education at UCL.

In March we asked for your questions on the future of education and for your comments on the Education Priorities and Programmes paper.

We put these questions to Professor Kathy Armour (Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience)), Yasmeen Daoud (Welfare & Community Officer), Ayman Benmati (Education Officer) and Viktoria Makai (Postgraduate Officer) and recorded their conversation for this video:

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[00.00] Introduction

[01.43] Overview of the Education Priorities and Programmes paper

[14.29] Thoughts on the proposals

[17.58] Student engagement with the consultation so far

[19.03] Question 1: Why should students get involved in the consultation process?

[22.58] Question 2: How will the Institute for Higher Education Development & Support be delivered?

[28.24] Question 3: What can be done to encourage more students to secure internships?

[33.52] Question 4: Will these proposals address the key issue of staff workloads?

[37.52] Question 5: How will the proposals improve module choice and selection

[41.30] Question 6: How will these proposals help UCL students become more well-rounded graduates?

[44.31] Closing remarks

If you have any questions or would like to respond to anything mentioned in this video, please email consultation@ucl.ac.uk