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Strategic Plan 2022-27 Student Consultation so far

7 June 2022

Find out what students want to change about UCL over the next five years.

UCL students on quad

This academic year, students have been invited to join the conversation about what the next five years should look like at UCL. Students have been taking part in a variety of different ways; from participating in our workshops and sending individual responses, to having a chat at our in-person stall during You Shape UCL week.

The Strategy consultation team have summarised the key themes from the submitted student feedback and the conversations we’ve had with you.

In Phase 1 (October-December), we heard from students that the proposed values (principles that will guide everything UCL does) were largely relevant and suitable, however they felt that students were largely missing from the papers within this phase.

In Phase 2 (January-March), students told us that ‘improving the student experience’ should be a criterion for investment and that widespread and meaningful student consultation was needed before any changes to your education.

We will be uploading the summaries from You Shape UCL week shortly.

You can read the full summary here.

Thank you to all of you who have already participated, and to those who have yet to share your thoughts- the conversation is still ongoing, there is still time for you to share your thoughts on how UCL should change over the next five years for the better.

If you have any questions/comments about what is mentioned above or just want to know how you can share your thoughts, please email the Strategic Plan Consultation team - consultation@ucl.ac.uk.