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Celebrating Ramadan in the UCL community

31 March 2021

From around 12 April until 12 May, Muslims across UCL will mark Ramadan, the holiest month of the Muslim calendar, which marks the time of the revelation of the Qur’an.

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Ramadan is a time of reflection with a particular focus on prayer, purification and charitable acts. During the month, Muslims around the world refrain from eating and drinking, including water, during daylight hours, meaning that UCL staff observing the fast may benefit from flexibility in working patterns during the period.

Please read UCL’s guidance on supporting Muslim staff during Ramadan for more information.

UCL's Student Support and Wellbeing team have also published tips for students on studying and staying healthy during Ramadan, and Students' Union UCL's Islamic Society have published a guide to Ramadan for students.

Like many other religious festivals, Ramadan is affected by the coronavirus restrictions that are curtailing normal congregational worship. In response, the Muslim Council of Britain has published a range of advice on observing Ramadan safely, and on working and studying from home during the month.

More information, including ways to support your colleagues, is available on UCL’s Religion and Belief Equality webpages.

UCL wishes Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim staff, students and alumni in our global community.