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Events to support students in self-isolation

6 January 2021

A range of online events to support students who are self-isolating, including mental health and mindfulness sessions and exercise classes.

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As we begin Term 2, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is once again running a series of online events to support students self-isolating. We have a wide range of events happening each week led by  UCL's Student Psychological and Counselling Services to support and equip you with the skills to take care of your mental health and wellbeing during this challenging period.

Following on from the online events that were run last term, we are once again running a variety of sessions to support you. Our events revolve around mental health and wellbeing. We have the mindfulness sessions to ground you, an exploration of positive mental health using TED talks as resources, discussion about physical and emotional wellbeing and you can even learn about techniques to calm the body. We’ve also got a personal development reading club to help you think positively and productively about your personal development. If something more physical is your thing, we have simple and accessible exercise classes.

To attend, all you need to do is book your place through Eventbrite and you’ll be sent a link to attend the session via Microsoft Teams.

So, even if you are self-isolating, you don’t have to feel isolated – UCL is here to support you.