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Apply for a Millennium Fellowship to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

20 January 2021

Undergraduates at UCL are encouraged to apply to the Millennium Fellowship Scheme, a leadership development program through which students can help to further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Millennium Fellowship

Fellows are asked to propose a project they are undertaking at their university that supports one of the SDGs, which takes place during the duration of the Fellowship scheme: August to December 2021. The deadline for 2021 applications for is 31 January.

“There are already many students at UCL who are helping to achieve the SDGs through their student society, volunteering project or individual endeavours,” says Simon Knowles, UCL’s Head of Coordination (SDGs). “This scheme is an excellent opportunity for these students and their activities to form part of an international program, while helping to achieve the SDGs and making our campus and local community more sustainable.”

Successful applicants form cohorts of 8–20 Millennium Fellows on their campus, who meet throughout their tenure to share best practices, advise each other on their individual projects or work together on larger initiatives.

In 2020, UCL had 16 Millennium Fellows, the most of any UK university. They included a student whose work with UCL’s WASH student society helped school pupils in Camden better understand the importance of water, hygiene and sanitation provision, and another who founded a start-up that aimed to replace plastic lids with disposable rice starch lids.

The scheme is run by the Millennium Campus Network, a global student network advancing the SDGs, and United Nations Academic Impact, an initiative encouraging higher education institutions to support and contribute to the UN’s goals and mandates, including the SDGs.

Applicants are asked to state why they want to be a Millennium Fellow and how they will use their fellowship to enhance take their social impact work.

For more information and details of how to apply by 31 January, visit the Millennium Fellowship website.

Undergraduates interested in applying – or who have already applied – should also email Simon Knowles.