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Staff Satisfaction with key Professional Services has significantly improved

29 April 2021

In November 2020, over 3,000 colleagues across UCL completed a Service Effectiveness Survey as part of the UniForum programme run in conjunction with Cubane Consulting. We are pleased to announce that UCL’s overall satisfaction measure is second in the UK and sixth globally.

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This international benchmarking survey measures satisfaction with professional services and allows UCL to compare its results with the Russell Group and other universities from across the globe. 

The survey was first run in 2015 and UCL’s staff satisfaction was the lowest in the UK. The results have improved significantly since then, and UCL’s 2020 overall satisfaction measure is third in the UK and sixth globally. In addition to this, more than three quarters of the services in the survey received satisfaction results in the top two quartiles globally. 

Satisfaction with three services increased by over 20 percentage points – Cleaning, Teaching Capability Enhancement, and AV/Multi-Media – and staff satisfaction with Teaching Capability Enhancement at UCL is the highest of the participating universities.  These are all services which have been absolutely critical this year and the increase in satisfaction is testament to colleagues’ dedication and hard work during a time of remarkable change. 

There are always things we can do better, and we will be looking closely at the results to understand which areas we can continue to improve.  

I am very proud of these results, and would like to thank UCL colleagues for their commitment to delivering and improving UCL’s professional services.  

Fiona Ryland
Chief Operating Officer