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Queen recognises UCL staff and alumni in birthday honours

12 October 2020

Congratulations to members of UCL’s community who have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020.

Queen recognises UCL staff and alumni in birthday honours

Seven current UCL staff and a host of UCL alumni were commended for their services to academia, higher education, science, the economy and creative industries.

In the annual awards lists, delayed this year due to the pandemic, two UCL scientists were honoured for their work in relation to Covid-19.

Professor Richard Catlow (UCL Chemistry), was appointed Knight Bachelor for services to Leadership in Science and Research.

Sir Richard, a Professor of Material Catalytic and Computational Chemistry, has worked in the field of computational and experimental studies of complex inorganic materials for more than 40 years. He has been associated with UCL since 1976, was Head of UCL Chemistry from 2002 - 2007, UCL Dean of Mathematical & Physical Sciences from 2007-14 and is currently a Research Professor in UCL Chemistry.

Alongside his academic contributions, Sir Richard was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2004, where he currently holds the role of Foreign Secretary.

On receiving his Knighthood he said: "I am naturally very pleased to have been awarded this honour, both personally and for the recognition with it gives to the key role of science and research. I am also grateful for the support I have had from so many UCL colleagues over the years."

Professor Geoff Mulgan (UCL Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy) was also appointed Knight Bachelor, for services to the Creative Economy.

Sir Geoff, a Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation, was previously Chief executive of NESTA, an innovation foundation, from 2011 to 2019 and has held various UK Government roles and founded the think-tank Demos.

He said: “I’ve been lucky enough to work across quite a few domains – from the creative economy to public policy, social innovation to technology – which are reflected both in this honour and in my role at UCL. At UCL/STEaPP I’m now working with fantastic colleagues to advance how we both understand and act on some of our most pressing complex problems. Watch this space!”

Professor Sophie Scott (UCL Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience), Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, was awarded a CBE for services to Neuroscience.

She said: "I am delighted and honoured by this, and I'm really grateful to all my colleagues and collaborators over the years, at UCL and beyond, who have made working in cognitive neuroscience such a pleasure and a joy. My only sadness is that my dad has passed away, as he would have been thrilled and he would definitely have made me wear the medal all the time."

Professor Sarah Walker (MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL), Professor of Medical Statistics, received an OBE for services to Academia and the Covid-19 response.

She said: "It has been a privilege to be the Academic Lead and Chief Investigator for the UK’s national surveillance study, the COVID-19 Infection Survey (usually called the “ONS Survey” in the press!), which would have been impossible without everything I have learnt from the many talented and committed members of the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL over the last 25 years. This award reflects their contribution, as well as that of many working tirelessly at the Office for National Statistics, IQVIA, the University of Oxford and the Lighthouse Laboratories, to deliver the study."

Professor Sally Grantham-McGregor (UCL GOS Institute of Child Health), Emeritus Professor of Child Health and Nutrition, was made an OBE for services to Early Childhood Development in Developing Countries.

Professor Imran Rasul (UCL Economics), Professor of Economics, was awarded an OBE for services to Social Sciences.

“It is so nice to be recognised this way. It gives me a chance to thank countless others who have helped me in life, by teaching me, working with me, pushing me to do better, setting examples on how economics can be used for good, and inspiring me through their curiosity,” he said.

Professor Tim Baker (UCL Mechanical Engineering) received an MBE for services to Healthcare in the UK and Abroad during Covid-19. Professor Baker was the engineering co-lead for the UCL Ventura project that developed the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), which has been used extensively to help COVID-19 patients with serious respiratory problems to breathe more easily.

He said: “It has been an absolute privilege to lead an incredible team of engineers and doctors from UCL in partnership with industry. What we achieved as a team is a result of everyone’s determination and commitment at a time of unprecedented need. The device was approved for use in only 10 days and 10,000 were delivered within four weeks. Thanks to everyone's hard work, patients across the NHS and around the world are being treated with the UCL-Ventura breathing aid. I am proud to have worked alongside staff from the NHS in the response to Covid, and I am honoured to represent the entire team in receiving this award.”

Other awards to UCL alumni, former staff and honorary degree holders represented in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours list include:

Dr Clare Gerada MBE (UCL Medical School 1983) - Damehood for services to General Practice

Professor Edward Byrne, UCL Vice-Provost (Health) between 2007 and 2009 - Knighthood for services to Higher Education

Anne Bulford OBE (UCL English 1981) – CBE for services to Broadcasting and Charity

Jane Chantal Rickards (UCL French 1980) – OBE for services to Broadcasting and to Charity

June Angelides (UCL Economics 2007) – MBE for services to Women in Technology

Katharine Birbal Singh (UCL Education 2003) – CBE for services to Education

Carolann Edwards OBE (UCL Higher and Further Education 1991)  CBE for services to Disadvantaged People in the UK and South Africa

Gareth Morgan Hadley (UCL Geography 1973) – OBE for services to the Optical Sector

Daniel Hahn (UCL Comparative Literature 1997)  OBE for services to Literature   

Ndidi Okezie (UCL Media, Culture and Education 2010) – OBE for services to Young People during the Covid-19 response           

Deborah Antoinette O'Neil (UCL Immunology 1997) – OBE For services to Biotechnology, Business and charity

Malcolm Gracie Semple (UCL Virology 1995) – OBE for services to the Covid-19 response           

Mark Gerald Timoney (UCL Pharmacy 1990) – OBE for services to Pharmacy       

Jane Lesley Clements (UCL Psychology 2007) - MBE for services to Inter Faith and Community Cohesion           

Samantha Jane Davies (UCL Sustainable Urbanism 2022) – MBE for services to the community in Queens Edith's, Cambridgeshire particularly during Covid-19         

Richard Brian Hamer (UCL 1984) – MBE for services to Social Mobility and Young People in the Defence Industry       

Jatinder Singh Harchowal (UCL Pharmacy Practice 1997) – MBE for services to the Pharmaceutical Profession particularly during Covid-19        

Isobel Hunter (UCL Archive Studies 1991) – MBE for services to Public Libraries

Eluned Griffith Jones (UCL Medieval Architecture 1981) – MBE for services to Career Development in Higher Education

Hilary Jones (UCL MBBS 1976) – MBE for services to Broadcasting, Public Health Information and Charity

Matthew Jamie Knight (UCL MBBS 1995) – MBE for services to the NHS particularly during Covid-19           

Gurpreet Singh (UCL Urology 1989) – MBE for services to Healthcare, Equality and Fairness       

Polly Stenham – MBE for services to Theatre and Literature

Emily Jocelyn Gray (UCL Education, Health Promotion and International Development 2020) – MBE for services to Tackling Sexual Harassment Issues 

Parbir Kaur Jagpal (UCL Pharmacy 1991) – BEM for services to Diversity and Inclusion in Health         

Jessica Lauren Horne (UCL Physiotherapy 2023) – BEM for services to the NHS during Covid-19