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Let's Talk About Race and Racism

18 November 2020

UCL’s Let’s talk about Race campaign focuses on race education, increasing reporting of racial harassment and developing anti-racist approaches to change.

Let's talk about race and racism

Our student and staff toolkits offer know-how such as context, definitions, and issues at play, practical measures and tactics at hand that will help to develop a much needed anti-racist culture at UCL.

In order to understand how racism manifests, we must know the issues and equip ourselves with the skills to make change. So, let’s talk about race.  

To get involved in the campaign we’re asking you to:

  • Let's talk about race and racism:

Advance your race literacy and understanding of racism. This might be through formal education and training or by accessing the vast amount of resources available for self-learning. Talk about what you have learnt. Find resources on our campaign page.

  • Let’s talk about racial harassment:

Report racial harassment when you experience or witness it. Report + Support is UCL’s dedicated platform for reporting harassment, where you can also access advice and support information.

  • Let’s talk about being anti-racist:

Speak out against racism and develop the skills to intervene when you witness it. Learn how to be a race ally and build your bystander intervention skills.

For more information and resources including detailed student and staff toolkits take a look at the campaign pages.