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UCL to dename spaces named after prominent eugenicists

19 June 2020

UCL has today announced it will dename spaces and buildings named after two prominent eugenicists, Francis Galton and Karl Pearson.

A view of the Wilkins Building and Portico, with blue sky

The decision was made by UCL’s President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur and ratified by Council, the university’s governing body, following a recommendation from UCL’s Buildings Naming and Renaming Committee.

The spaces will now be known by new, temporary names: Lecture Theatre 115 (formerly the Galton Lecture Theatre), Lecture Theatre G22 (formerly the Pearson Lecture Theatre) and the North-West Wing (formerly the Pearson Building). Changes to signage, directions and maps will follow as soon as possible.

The denaming of these spaces marks the first step at the start of a broader response to the recommendations of the Inquiry into the History of Eugenics at UCL. You can find out more on the UCL News website.