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New student inductions and welcome – guidance and support for staff

8 July 2020

Find out more about Student Support and Wellbeing's new guidelines to support staff with the planning and delivery of welcome and induction events for new students this September 2020.

UCL Student Centre

Student induction and welcome will look very different this September. In light of this, the Development, Communications and Projects team in Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) have been working on guidelines to support staff with the planning and delivery of welcome and induction events taking place for new students this September 2020. These guidelines can be accessed in the Information for staff section of the UCL Student Support and Wellbeing website.

These guidelines are in their early stages and more information will be being added as it becomes available. Please keep checking these pages regularly if you are planning and running any induction events this coming start of term. The guidelines include information on central Professional Services induction communications and events, the online induction modules being developed by several central teams and more. We hope to add further detail on scheduling, accessibility and inclusion, platforms and suggested activities.

We also strongly encourage any colleagues involved in delivering communications or welcome and induction events to new students to join the Student Induction Forum on Microsoft Teams. This is an open forum for updates, questions and the exchange of best practice.

If you're organising induction and welcome events, please avoid Tuesday 29 September – this will be the date for planned central welcome sessions for all students, with presentations from Professional Services including SSW, UCL Careers, Library Services, Security and more, led by Students' Union UCL.

If you have any content you’d like to contribute to the guidelines or have any queries about how best to run an event, please get in contact with the team in SSW by emailing ssw-comms@ucl.ac.uk.