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UCL to support 20 September Global Climate Strike

5 September 2019

On Friday 20 September, a global climate strike is planned. UCL is supporting staff who wish to participate in solidarity with a planned 30 minute stoppage.

UCL to support 20 September Global Climate Strike

On Friday 20 September, a massive global day of action is planned in response to the growing threat of global climate change. Young people in schools across the world will be participating in a global climate strike, and are inviting adults to join them.

In July of this year, UCL was involved in the first ever London Climate Action Week. In line with this, and exceptionally on this occasion, we will be supporting staff choosing to show solidarity with our young people in a planned 30 minute stoppage.

How do I participate?

All staff are free to participate, as long as there is no disruption to our students, other colleagues, the general public, or the service your team provides. You may stop work for half-an-hour between 12.30–1pm on 20 September as a symbolic stoppage in support of the global climate strike. The time is to be used to join any local activity/demonstration/event. Alternatively, you could create a peaceful demonstration outside your building: all you would need is some colleagues and a banner or placard. Please ensure that no entrances or exits are blocked.

What if I am busy with essential University business?

If you have something important to do at 12:30pm on 20 September, then feel free to show your support earlier or later in the day.

Do I have to participate?

No. It is a personal choice whether to participate in the climate stoppage. But if you choose to do so, then you have the support of the University.

What if I want to participate for longer than half-an-hour?

UCL is supporting staff to participate in a 30 minute stoppage only. If you wish to join for longer, you will be expected to use your lunch break or request annual leave.

Could I take time on a different day?

No. The stoppage is planned for 20 September. A significant purpose of the event is to show global solidarity by all participating on the same day. If you want to take part, it must be on that day.

Do I need to let my line manager know?

Yes. You and colleagues may need to discuss and agree with your line manager how the service you provide will continue during that half hour. The purpose of the stoppage is to show solidarity, not to disrupt the work of the University. Please plan your work accordingly.

What is UCL doing to address this?

So far, we have made significant progress towards becoming more sustainable, from our research into solving global sustainability challenges, to being zero to landfill and achieving BREEAM Outstanding for the new Student Centre. But there is more to do, next month we’ll be launching an ambitious new Sustainability Strategy – contact the Sustainability team to find out more.

Matthew Blain, Executive Director of UCL Human Resources

Where can I get more information about the climate strike?

We will issue a reminder e-mail to staff ahead of Friday 20 September with any further information we have about planned action close to UCL. Alternatively, you can consult Global Climate Strike or the UK Student Climate Network.