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Come to WWF's Finer Diner on 7-8 October to try planet-friendly foods for free!

3 October 2019

Fancy trying some new, exciting planet-friendly foods for free? Head down to WWF’s Finer Diner in UCL’s Student Centre from 11.30am – 2.30pm on 7 and 8 October to try a new twist on some of your favourite meals.

A plant-based meal from the Finer Diner

The everyday choices we make all have an impact on our planet and unsurprisingly what we eat matters too! Food is at the heart of many environmental issues and is a significant contributor to climate change, being responsible for almost 60% of global nature loss.

Identifying that younger generations are potentially the last able to act, WWF and Sodexo have collaborated to raise awareness of the impact of food choice to university campuses across the UK, with the launch of ‘The Finer Diner’.

As part of our touring pop up initiative & launching at UCL, we’re inviting you to join our mission of planet-friendly, tastier, finer dining – making it as easy as possible to reduce your food-related carbon emissions without any compromise on the types of food and flavours you enjoy.

Join WWF & Sodexo at their Finer Diner to enjoy free samples of some of our food favourites with a planet friendly twist.

It’s time to make a choice, are you in?