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New Academic Integrity course now live for all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students

8 November 2019

The online course teaches you everything you need to know about Academic Misconduct at UCL in around 20 minutes.

Academic Integrity course

A new short course is now available to support you in developing good academic practice.  

Introduction to Academic Integrity is a 12-part Moodle course which aims to improve your understanding of what academic misconduct is, as well as help you reflect on current practices around academic integrity. 

The course takes around 20 minutes to complete and covers topics such as:

  • Forms of plagiarism
  • How to reference accurately 
  • Where to find sources and support.

You are strongly encouraged to take the course early on in your studies so that you are aware of the relevant regulations before you are assessed. 

In circumstances where poor academic practice (regarding plagiarism) might have occurred you will be required to take this course; if misconduct has occurred, you might fail the module.

To reduce the chance of being involved in a plagiarism dispute, take the module to be fully informed.

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