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Therapy dogs needed!

9 May 2019

Do you own a therapy dog? Would you like to register your dog as a therapy pet? We’re looking for staff to assist in therapy dog sessions for students.

Therapy dogs needed

Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) have recently held some therapy dog sessions on campus to help relieve exam stress. The activity has proven to be very popular with students as a means of relaxating and boosting wellbeing. 

Going forward, the SSW team are looking for staff members with registered therapy dogs or dogs that they would like to sign up as a therapy pets for further events. For more information about registering your dog as a therapy pet, please visit the Pets As Therapy website.

Please note that to register, dogs must have been with their owner for at least 6 months, be over 9 months of age and be able to pass the temperament assessment. Pets must also be fully vaccinated. 

Once registered, the staff member and their pet would be expected by Pets As Therapy to take up other occasional volunteering opportunities in the community (such as at residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools or day care centres), in addition to bringing their dog in to meet students as and when they can. 

We’d like to host regular sessions on campus, but expect that this would mean no more than a couple of hours of your time per month.

For further information, and to let us know if you have a therapy dog or would like to register, please contact ssw-comms@ucl.ac.uk