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UCL at Trans Pride 2019

23 July 2019

A group from Out@UCL took part in the seventh Trans Pride event in Brighton and Hove last weekend.

UCL at Trans Pride 2019

Eight thousand people are estimated to have participated in a protest march through Brighton and the following festival in Brunswick Park on Saturday, as well as various other events throughout the week. 

Out@UCL were attending Trans Pride for the first time, supported by COO Fiona Ryland, and a group of trans UCL members and allies travelled down from London in order to participate. After joining the march, which started at the Marlborough pub at 12pm and travelled down via the promenade to Brunswick Park, the UCL group met for a picnic among the festivities of the Trans Pride Festival. The atmosphere was relaxed and provided the group with a chance to network and strengthen their contacts.

The day was a huge success overall, increasing the visibility of the trans community and serving as a reminder of the ongoing fight against discrimination. 

Earlier this year, UCL hosted a symposium on Trans Studies, Trans Lives: Past, Present, and Future, which aimed to showcase the endurance, joy, and creativity of the trans community with a selection of academic, autobiographical, and creative pieces on the theme of trans studies and trans lives.