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UCL awarded €1.9m Erasmus+ grant

24 July 2019

UCL will receive approximately €1.9m to support student and staff mobility under Erasmus+, after successfully applying for a 24-month grant.

Image of the Hague

The UCL Study Abroad team applied for a 24 month Erasmus+ grant (instead of the usual 16 month), following recommendations from the British Council.

We have been notified that our grant will be €1.9m, which will cover normal activity for 2019/20. In the event of a hard Brexit, programmes with “mandatory” mobility (for example, undergraduate modern languages degrees) will also be covered throughout 2020/21. 

The new grant is underwritten by government and implies a timeframe of 1 June 2019–31 May 2021. We can submit another application in early February 2020 for another bid 2020/2021, depending on our budget expenditure and Brexit developments beyond October.

The Study Abroad team is continuing to liaise with key partners to put in place contingency agreements:

  • 18 priority partners have signed the new template agreement so far. 
  • 2 priority agreements have been signed by UCL and await partners’ final sign off. 
  • 9 non-priority partners have signed the template, these partnerships have been flagged by the Joint Faculty as essential.