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Help SRS transition to new student enquiry management system

22 July 2019

Point your students towards askUCL, which went live in June

Help SRS transition to new student enquiry management system

askUCL, our new student enquiry management system, went live last month. 

At this early stage, staff are being asked to help Student and Registry Services (SRS) in the transition to the system by following simple guidance on interacting with SRS teams.

In the pilot phase, SRS is beginning to manage enquiries through the askUCL dashboard rather than Outlook. This means enquiries to the following generic email accounts are pulled directly into the system. 

If you send an email to any of the above accounts, you will receive an auto-response confirming the log of your enquiry.

Every time you send a new email to the above accounts you will create a new enquiry record. For this reason, we ask you to avoid the use of CC or BCC and please do not include any of the accounts on a Reply-all. 

To update any open enquiry you have logged as a member of staff, please simply reply to the auto-response. This is similar to the RemedyForce ‘ticketing’ process used by ISD and HR.

Promoting askUCL

Over the coming months, students will be encouraged to use askUCL rather than email teams to raise enquiries; enquiries are likely to peak during the pre-enrolment and re-enrolment period as the new cohort of students join UCL in September. Please point new students and returning students (not prospective) towards askUCL to search for answers and raise enquiries, rather than giving out the email addresses above. The aim is to manage all student enquiries through askUCL, our digital Student Enquiries Centre, which is complemented by the Students website.

Developing askUCL

As well as tracking student enquiries and providing comprehensive up-to-date FAQs, SRS will use the new system to manage student casework in a transparent and joined up way. 

The system is a key element of a broad programme to transform the outcomes and experiences of our students by providing individually tailored support and more personalised learning at every point on their UCL journey. Complementary digital support projects include a centralised attendance system (to launch at the start of 2019/20), UCL Tutoring, a personal tutoring management system, and the Introductory Programme, which supports transition to UCL. 

What you can do to promote askUCL

  • Remove the SRS email addresses from any material you produce to give to new students during induction
  • Show the askUCL film during your inductions – available on the askUCL page of the Students website 
  • Advertise askUCL within your department and encourage returning students to use askUCL