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Help improve education at UCL and earn £150

9 July 2019

Become a student reviewer of teaching for the paid opportunity to review an academic member of staff’s teaching and report on the learning experience of students on the course.

Help improve education at UCL and earn £150

Student Quality Reviewers work with UCL to take an in-depth look at different areas of academic practice.

In pairs, you will help to improve how UCL works by providing detailed feedback and analysis from your student perspective.

Develop your skills as a Student Quality Reviewer

There are many benefits of joining the +180 partnerships that have become Student Quality Reviewers:

  • the opportunity to develop new skills
  • working with a student from another discipline
  • engaging with academic staff in a new way
  • experiencing what goes into preparing a lecture
  • reflecting on your own learning
  • receiving £150 as a 'thank you'

Training and support available

You will attend an initial training session and receive full support from a dedicated team. You will be required to make a maximum commitment of 20 hours.

Roles available

  • ASER Facilitators – work with another student to ensure the student perspective, insights and priorities inform Annual Student Experience Reviews (ASER)
  • IQR Student Reviewers – become a member of the panel that undertakes an in-depth review of academic practice within a selected department. All departments undergo an IQR every five years.
  • PMAP Student Reviewers – scrutinise new programmes before they are launched
  • Student Reviewers of Teaching – observe and discuss teaching practice with a member of staff alongside a fellow Student Reviewer of Teaching (we are particularly interested in recruiting additional PhD students for this role)
  • Student Inclusive Curriculum Partners – explore how curricula can include more diverse perspectives in their faculty.

Apply to be a Student Quality Reviewer

Register your interest using the SQR application form.

We will contact you in September 2019 with more details on the roles available, timeframes and training opportunities. Student Reviewers of Teaching is likely to be the first role that we will need to allocate students to. We will be recruiting again in the Autumn term.