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Update your details on MyView

4 April 2019

All staff are asked to ensure their address details and emergency contacts details are up to date.

Update your details on MyView

It has come to the attention of HR that some employees’ home addresses are not up to date. 

All staff are asked to log in to MyView Self-service as soon as possible; click on Personal Details / contact details and to check that their home address is up to date.  

If you live in the UK for at least 50% of the year this address should be a UK address to show that you reside in this country.  

While staff are in MyView they are also asked to ensure their Emergency Contact and Next of Kin details are up to date.  Do this by clicking on Personal Details / Relationships. 

If you are unsure of how to use MyView, please see the user guide.

If you are unable to access MyView or have forgotten your password please contact the ISD Service desk.

Directors and team administrators are asked to ensure that this message is circulated to their teams.