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20 most Instagrammable places to visit this Spring

25 April 2019

Looking for some fresh content for your Instagram feed? Check out these picture-perfect London locations!

20 most Instagrammable places to visit this Spring

As the ‘most Instagrammable city in the world’, you might have been forgiven for thinking London was so brimming with Instagrammable spots that finding the best ones worth visiting would be simple. If weeks-worth of Insta-spot researching – and hundreds of green Earl Grey teas – had taught me anything though, it was that the real gems take time to find! The best kind of ‘Instagrammable’ spots are the ones you end up visiting again and again – not so much for the photo, but for the experience.

I’ve rounded up some of the most unique spots in London that are guaranteed to have you leaving with more than just a couple of pictures for your feed (but that too). From artistic afternoon teas and floral festivals, to the city’s best viewpoints and avocado burgers, this is your definitive guide on what to add to your London bucket list now that the Spring sunshine is – hopefully! – here to stay.

  1. NOW Gallery
    NOW Gallery is renowned worldwide as an innovative gallery giving promising artists a creative platform from which to develop and showcase creatively unprecedented and thought-provoking artworks. NOW Gallery’s latest anticipated collaboration with Instagram sensation Sara Shakeel, commissioned by Kaia Charles (Cultural Curator) as the Young Artist Commission 2019 and opening 15 May, looks set to be another ‘internet-breaker’. Shakeel’s art is uniquely characterised by the decorative use of crystals in art that conveys powerful human emotions and messages, and chances are you will have seen her incredible creations through Instagram. Don’t miss this chance to see her art in person!

    Sara Shakeel NOW Gallery
  2. Rosewood London Van Gogh Afternoon Tea
    Art aficionados are in for a treat at Rosewood London. The famed hotel is celebrating the legacy of Vincent Van Gogh with an artistic afternoon tea featuring pastry masterpieces inspired by some of Van Gogh’s most captivating paintings. Classic Dutch flavours come together with French pastry and patisserie style to embody Van Gogh’s life and travels in this unique afternoon tea which is without doubt one of London’s all-time bests.

    Rosewood London
  3. Petersham Nurseries Richmond
    This rustic beauty is one of the most charming places to visit in London, and a familiar presence on Pinterest wedding inspiration boards. Every lover of al fresco dining (myself included) has it on their list of favourite London restaurant haunts, and for good reason too. Their restaurant, teahouse and garden shop are set within gorgeous glasshouses, and while each ‘house’ offers something unique, they are all filled with stunning flowers and perfect natural lighting.

    Petersham Nurseries
  4. Portobello Road
    Give your Instagram a face-lift this spring by visiting the riotously colourful Portobello Road, where rows of candy-coloured houses lead you onto − yes, you guessed it − yet more rows of candy-coloured houses. While it gets busier on Saturday, antique-lovers shouldn’t let the crowds put them off visiting Portobello Road Market on the day for some vintage camera shopping and bargain steals. Be sure to pop by Farm Girl for a blue latte on the way!
  5. Chelsea in Bloom
    From 20–25 May, the streets of Chelsea are given a floral makeover, with some of the neighborhood's best restaurants, shops and hotels decorating themselves with beautiful blooms and creative designs. It has replaced snow as the transformation I most look forward to happening each year, not least because every year there is a different theme for participants to interpret; this year’s theme is ‘Under the Sea’.

    Chelsea in Bloom
  6. Roka
    If you can’t get over the fact that blossom season in London is over, head over to Roka Charlotte Street, where you won’t have to. In celebration of spring, Roka has launched an incredible Sakura blossom installation at its Shochu lounge, and unsurprisingly it is already a hit on the ‘gram. Best of all, Roka is one of those rare places in London where you don’t just get pretty pictures, but amazing food too. Of course, pretty pictures are a welcome plus!

    ROKA London Charlotte Street
  7. Duck and Waffle
    This superb brunch spot wins for best view of London and is on every serious bruncher’s Instagram feed. Considering the unrivalled sights you get over the city while dining there, it’s no wonder. Their Belgian Waffles are an Instagram favourite and just sublime but as a lover of truffles I am going to be unashamedly biased and tell you all that the Duck Egg En Cocotte is the best dish on the menu and one of the most delicious truffle dishes to be found in London.
  8. Café Miami
    If London’s dark restaurant interiors have got you feeling a little down, head over to pastel paradise Café Miami, where you can bask in the lightness of soft-hued walls while nibbling on equally Instagrammable pancakes. This popular breakfast spot, which is inspired by the Art Deco style of Clapton’s Strand building, is sure to be a hit with any lover of baby-hued tones and flatlay shots.

    Cafe Miami
  9. Isabella Plantation
    This stunning garden nestled away in leafy Richmond Park is gorgeous any time of year but especially as summer approaches, when the rhododendrons are flowering and bluebells pop up. No Instagram-savvy horticulturist should give this spot a miss especially as there’s really no place quite like it anywhere else in London. My personal recommendation is to visit on a sunny day and take a picnic at the Park while you’re there.
  10. Drunch
    Londoners are raving about this Instagram-famous brunch spot for its incredible floral decorations, moreish full English Breakfast and delicious Cinnamon cappuccinos. While my friends have heaped praise on the cool food and pretty décor at Drunch, I suspect (having had to drag them away from it) that the giant cuddly teddy bear there may have something to do with it as well...
  11. Pear Tree Cafe, Battersea Park
    If you’re looking for a way to combine exercising with Instagramming, look no further than Battersea Park, where you can go rowing at the Boating Lake before heading over to the stunning Pear Tree Cafe for one of their picture-perfect avocado toasts, which are topped with colourful Watermelon Radish. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their pink coloured Beetroot Oat Lattes too!

    Pear Tree Cafe
  12. Feya
    Feya’s Rose Avocado Toast is probably one of the most beautiful avocado toasts on Instagram (if you’re not convinced, search it!), but it doesn’t stop there; even their hot drink selection, which features such items as Lavender White and Onyx Charcoal Latte, is uber photogenic. Make sure you bring a friend or two along as you’ll want to order everything on their quirky menu.

    Feya Cafe
  13. Avobar
    Dreams do come true at Avobar (at least... your avocado-related ones do). Avobar is London’s first all-avocado restaurant, and it’s everything we avo wanted. They have a delectable menu featuring amazing dishes which you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in London, including Chocolate Avocado Brownies, Sweet Matcha Pancakes with avo-butter and an Avo Bun Burger (their signature dish).

  14. Clifton Nurseries
    London’s oldest garden centre has been a favourite haunt of flower loving Londoners long before Instagram even existed, but in recent years its stunning café, The Quince Tree, has been popping up all over blogs and social media platforms as more and more Londoners discover this gem of a spot. Their signature dish, ‘The Scrumper’, has earned itself quite a reputation among brunchers.

    Clifton Nurseries
  15. Saint Aymes
    Do Instagram Marie-Antoinette style by heading over to blogger paradise Saint Aymes where, after picking between a pink or blue flavoured 24ct gold ‘unicorn latte’, you’re welcome to make your way outside to sit under their photogenic flower display. The café has taken Instagram by storm ever since it opened thanks to its aesthetic menu items, friendly staff and unique café design.
  16. Waterlily House, Kew
    No list of Instagrammable places in London would be complete without including Kew Gardens, one of the city’s most iconic attractions. My favourite part of Kew Gardens is the Waterlily House, which reopened in early April. Owing to the unique size of the lilies and architecture of the glasshouse housing them, this spot’s become quite an Instagram sensation.

    Kew Gardens Waterlilies House
  17. Little Venice
    Little Venice is the perfect kind of place for escaping London without actually leaving. It’s especially charming in the spring and summer months, when the greenery and florals along the canals makes for a lovely walk in the early afternoon. If you’re feeling adventurous (and maybe a little hungry) while you’re there, head over to The Shell Co, a boat-restaurant which begins its dining cruises close by.
  18. The Churchill Arms
    You’ll be hard pressed to find a more Instagrammable pub than this in London. Instantly recognisable by its extravagantly floral exterior, this local favourite attracts Instagrammers from all over the city who flock over for a snap and a drink. Visit before sunset and you’ll be able to nip by next door to Sally Clarke for a snack to take home with your photos.
  19. Bun House and Tea Room
    This casual eatery is a brilliant spot for food-loving photographers intent on discovering the city’s most aesthetically pleasing food presentation and interior design. Bun House and Tea Room’s pretty teapots and intricately decorated buns come in mini wood trays, and against their white tables and patterned floors make for a winning flatlay shot.

    Bun House and Tea Room London
  20. Nail’d it, Belgravia
    Give your next manicure visit an exciting twist by heading over to the most Instagrammable nail salon in London. Nail’d It Belgravia features a flower-filled pink telephone box which is giving off all the Elle Woods vibes, and, as if that weren’t quirky enough, the salon also does some really fun nail art that is definitely worth trying.