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UCL statement in response to media reports around the Gender Recognition Act

31 October 2018

All members of the UCL community are entitled to an environment free from harassment.

UCL statement holding pic

This is set out clearly in our policies and applies even when members of our community have strongly opposing academic views.

We would like to see respectful and constructive dialogue on the sensitive and complex issues raised in relation to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) consultation. The views in the article regarding the GRA are those of individuals.

UCL respects the right of staff to raise their concerns and supports freedom of speech within the law. We also respect our obligations under the Equality Act, which includes trans people.

We are working hard to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for trans people and will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of trans students and staff. Nor will we tolerate attempts to constrain the freedom of academic colleagues to engage in legitimate academic activity. We are working on a full UCL statement to be issued soon.