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Male participants required for study on exercise, eye movements and balance

30 May 2018

Researchers at UCL would like to find out if exercise has an influence on the control of eye movements and balance.

Treadmill In hope, this will help develop or change how future concussion assessment tools are used. 

This study uses Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) - a tool to assess the vestibular and ocular systems by asking you to follow a target with your eyes and head while sitting comfortably. VOMS performance will be compared at different time points pre- and post-exercise. 

Who can take part?

The researcher is looking for UCL students who are:

  • Sedentary males (do not complete 150 minutes of moderate physical activity/week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week)
  • Aged between 18 and 35  

What will it involve?

This is a voluntary study that will consist of:

  • A warm-up  
  • Five minutes of running on a treadmill 
  • Performing the VOMS test four times 

The whole process will take 25-30 minutes, including the completion of consent forms. The study will take place at the Institute of Sports, Exercise and Health, 170 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7HA.

How do I sign up?

To take part, email Saif Aldeen Jizawi.

This study has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee (ref: 11785/001).

Saif Aldeen Jizawi, Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc, UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences