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Paid study exploring multisensory brain plasticity

7 June 2018

Participants are needed to take part in a study investigating whether participants can be trained to "hear" speech sounds that are presented through an electrode array placed on the tongue (making use of the somatosensory system) while simultaneously seeing a talker producing that speech (making use of the visual system).


Can participants use these sensory systems to interface with typical auditory processing mechanisms to understand speech? 

Who can take part? 

Participants must have normal hearing and normal vision. 

To take part, you must have availability on four consecutive days (18-21 June or 25-28 June - time slots to be confirmed).

What else do I need to know?

Four sessions must be completed in total. The exact duration of each session is dependent on performance but it will not exceed 1 hour. 

Participants will receive £40 for all the sessions (£10 per hour).

How do I take part? 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Denise Hofer or Bryony Payne.

This study has received ethical approval (ref: EP/M026965/1).

Bryony Payne and Denise Hofer, Neuroscience MSc, UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences.