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Got an idea for a start up that could harness the power of energy to transform lives?

1 November 2017

Enter the 2018 Hult Prize@UCL Challenge and you could pitch your idea to Bill Clinton for the chance to win $1m seed capital The Hult Prize challenge is a prestigious international competition sponsored by

Bill clinton hult.edu/" target="_self">Hult International Business School. It is the largest student competition for social impact, with over a thousand higher education institutions from more than 150 countries participating.

This year's challenge is harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people, and participating teams stand to win $1m in seed capital to help them launch their social enterprise.

Apply via UCL

UCL students are invited to participate in the 8th annual Hult Prize by competing in our very own first on-campus event on 9 December.

The event is being holsted by the UCL Business Society which represents the Social Enterprises division of UCL's BizSoc.

Winning Hult Prize@UCL will automatically advance you to a secured spot
in one of 16 regional finals where teams from all over the world will pitch their start-up idea to world-class judges, mentors and advisers.

The top 50 regional finalists will attend an intensive 8-week summer incubator program before pitching their game-changing idea to Former US President Bill Clinton for the chance to win one million dollars in seed capital.

We are also in the process of organising exclusive workshops that will assist student teams in developing their response to this challenge, learning from experts in the field of energy and innovation, as well as acquiring vital skills in pitching, idea development and troubleshooting.

How to get involved

You don't need to be an expert in energy or start ups, or to have an idea just yet; we provide you with a detailed start-up manual, which outlines the challenge and brings to light the economic and social benefits that come with servicing the bottom of the economic pyramid. All you need is creativity and team-work.

Download the United Nations Challenge from your Hult Prize@UCL Organizing Committee.

Form a team of 3 to 4 students from UCL. Interdisciplinary teams and all levels of higher education are welcomed. If you do not have a team or are missing a member, please register your interest to compete here and we will help you find students for your team.

Attend the UCL hosted workshops to generate ideas, learn how to develop your business idea and find awesome team members.

Our first training opportunity is being held during Reading Week: an Enterprise Boot Camp hosted by UCL Innovation and Enterprise. Reserve your place here.

Register to compete at your local Hult Prize@UCL here. Signing up is easy: add the name and contact details of each team member, create your team name and write a brief team description to sign up.

9 December 2017: UCL Quarterfinals On-Campus Competition to select one winning team that will fast-track to one of 16 worldwide Regional
9-10 March 2018: London Regional Final.

Hult Prize @UCL
Hult Prize General Website

UCL contact: Mascha Samkova