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Volunteers needed for medical research

9 May 2017

The UCL Division of Medicine is currently recruiting volunteers to study how the body responds to and recovers from acute inflammation in rheumatic disease compared with healthy volunteers.

Cruciform Building  

Participation will involve attending the Rayne Institute, 5 University Street, UCL. We will study a site of inflammation on your forearms using skin blisters.

In return, you have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge inflammation research and you will receive financial compensation for your time and travel expenses.

If you are healthy or have a rheumatic disease, but are not taking any regular anti-inflammatory medication and not pregnant/breastfeeding, you may be eligible to participate. 

For further details (no obligation to participate), please contact Dr Julia Flint: 07879 635 328 or julia.flint@ucl.ac.uk.

This study has been approved by the Solihull NHS Research Ethics Committee (reference number: 15/WM/0368). Adopted into UK Clinical Research Network portfolio (UK CRN ID:20234). UCL Joint Research Office R&D reference 15/0626.

Dr Julia Flint, Clinical Research Training Fellow
UCL Division of Medicine