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UCL International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP): Welcoming students in January 2018

14 December 2017

New students (both home and international) starting their studies at UCL in January 2018 will attend an enrolment appointment in the Jeremy Bentham Room (JBR) and collect their ID cards on Saturday 6 January 2018 between 10am and 4pm.


There will be an Information Hub in the Haldane Room and North Cloisters during this time. New students will be able to find out more about the support services available to them, join campus and library tours, speak to our Global Ambassadors and discover more about activities taking place over the weekend.

What is ISOP?

Each September and January, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing organise the International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP) to help make students' transition to life in the UK and studying at UCL as smooth as possible. This is also a great opportunity for new students to meet their soon-to-be classmates! ISOP is for all non-UK students, which includes European and other international students, who are starting their studies with us this January. The programme is optional and free of charge. Students choose whether to attend ISOP or not as part of their online pre-enrolment.

When is ISOP?

ISOP for new graduate and affiliate students starting in January 2018 will be on Friday 5 January and Saturday 6 January, with the following schedule:

· Friday 5 January - 'We Are All Global' talks (Logan Hall, Institute of Education) and 'Meet Your Department' sessions for short-term affiliate students (various locations)

· Saturday 6 January - Enrolment and Information Hub (Front Quad and Wilkins Building)

What happens during ISOP?

Students attend their enrolment appointment and the 'We Are All Global' talks, which are structured as follows in January 2018:

· Official Welcome - This includes an opening speech from a senior member of UCL staff, an overview of the support services available at UCL and a Q&A panel with our Global Ambassadors (current UCL students) on various aspects of settling into life at university. Affiliate students will additionally receive information on module selection and making up a programme of study.

· Living in London - Students will find out about life in London, thanks to a panel of Global Ambassadors who will give their advice and views on topics such as transport, managing money and entertainment. This session also includes a presentation by Students' Union UCL sabbatical officers, who will talk about the services provided by the Union, clubs and societies, on-campus spaces and social events.

This year the talks will include new interactive features! Students will be able to participate in an online poll and submit their questions to the panel of Global Ambassadors in real time, by using their mobile phones and electronic devices.

Alongside ISOP, Students' Union UCL will also run a number of social events for new students.

Online ISOP is available for any students who are unable to attend the talks in person.

For more information on how we support international students, please visit the International Student Support website or get in touch with us by emailing internationalsupport@ucl.ac.uk.

Beatrice Emanuele, Student Support and Wellbeing Adviser,  UCL Student Support and Wellbeing