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Wanted: your contribution to the new students Newsfeed

26 July 2016

We want you to get involved in the

Students on the steps of portico ucl.ac.uk/new-students/newsfeed" target="_blank">new students Newsfeed, an online communication platform that aims to give all current UCL offer-holders essential pre-arrival information.

We post three articles per day on different topics, including practical information, Q&As with students and staff, introductions and welcome messages from UCL departments, schools, faculties and services, advice on common worries about starting university and general articles about life in London and at UCL.

The Newsfeed is advertised to all undergraduate, postgraduate and international students via a fortnightly e-newsletter that goes out every other Thursday and also on our dedicated Newsfeed Facebook page and the Student Centre Twitter page.

The Newsfeed has had an overwhelmingly positive reception so far; in the six weeks it has been live, it has had more than 58,000 page views from more than 14,000 individual users, and these numbers are expected to increase significantly after 17 August when A-level results will be released. As such, it's a great way to be in contact with next year's students and we're very proud and happy with its progress!

Our feedback shows that students thinking of coming to London worry that there is less of a student community in the city. We aim to show that the opposite is the case by engaging students in the student community early on and demonstrating how many events and projects there are to get involved with here at UCL.

As we also hope to feature as many voices as possible on the Newsfeed to give a broad and balanced view of UCL life, we are always looking for further contributions in the form of short articles of around 200-400 words (though longer is also fine!).

There are a number of different topics you could write articles about, including:
•    A welcome message from your department, school, faculty or service including who you are, what you do, what kind of events you run, contact details, any notable projects or achievements, and links to your website if relevant
•    Upcoming events or courses
•    Recent notable achievements by students or staff
•    Tips or advice articles, if relevant
•    Q&As from staff, students and alumni who are interested in sharing their experiences (please contact Annie Warren for a set of Q&A questions)
•    'A day in the life' (students and staff alike!)
Examples of all of the above are available on the Newsfeed.

If you are interested in contributing any of the above, have any other ideas about how you wish to be involved, or have any other questions, we'd love to hear from you! Send your ideas, articles and questions to Annie Warren.