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myUCL summer video competition: submit a video of your summer activities for a chance to win £100 in Amazon vouchers

15 July 2016

Are you doing something amazing this summer related to your studies at UCL? Why not film some of it and submit it to the myUCL summer video competition? We're looking for videos from UCL undergraduate and postgraduate students who are using their brains over the summer, whether in London or abroad, so not just shots from your summer hols on the beach please! Everyone who submits a video will receive some useful UCL-branded kit to help you in your studies, and the best videos will win gift certificates up to £100 in value that you can spend on whatever you want (see below for details).

myUCL summer video competition: submit video of your summer activities and win

What we're looking for

The footage could be filmed on your phone or DSLR, or edited videos that show off how you're using what you've learnt during your studies over the summer. Some ideas on topics or subject matter could be:

  • Volunteering
  • Field work
  • PhD work
  • Internships
  • London life
  • International student's first summer in London
  • Lab work
  • Trip abroad

We don't simply want holiday snaps but something that shows you applying that university education of yours to activities either in London or abroad.


You can enter your video into one of three categories:

  1. Undergraduate edited film - no more than two minutes in length
  2. Postgraduate edited film - no more than two minutes in length
  3. Snapshot of UCL - raw footage of something you did or that happened over the summer, no more than one minute in length.

The edited films can be of any genre including animation and should aim to tell a story creatively.

The snapshot of UCL should be raw footage shot in any format, even a mobile phone, that is interesting and eye-catching. Selected footage will then be edited together to create a short documentary that displays the many different perspectives of UCL from the point of view of its students.

How your videos and footage will be used

Your videos and footage could be used on UCL's central channels, such as the official YouTube channel UCLTV as well as StudyUCL, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter and in other UCL communications like myUCL. Your name will be credited in the competition and, of course, you'll be compensated for your time and talent for filming and editing through the prizes.


  • Everyone who submits will have a choice of UCL-branded gear, like phone charger adapters, tote bags, mugs and more
  • Snapshots of UCL - top two winners will receive Amazon gift certificates of £25 and £50, respectively
  • Undergraduate edited film - top three winners will receive Amazon gift certificates of £50, £75 and £100, respectively
  • Postgraduate edited film - top three winners will receive Amazon gift certificates of £50, £75 and £100, respectively.

How to submit

Only one submission per category (so you can enter both the Snapshot and Edited film categories once each).

There are three methods to submit:

1. Upload to Vimeo as a private and downloadable video. Then email us the link and password

2. Send directly to r.eagle@ucl.ac.uk and l.hewison@ucl.ac.uk via UCL Dropbox

3. Upload your footage or edited film (up to 1GB in size) to UCL MediaCentral. Set your video to 'Personal' (which is a private link). When you get the email from MediaCentral with the URL, forward that link us.

Deadline: 30 September 2016

For queries, contact Rob Eagle (r.eagle@ucl.ac.uk) and Laura Hewison (l.hewison@ucl.ac.uk), who manage UCL's central YouTube channels.

Rob Eagle, Multimedia Producer, UCL Communications and Marketing