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Participate in a study evaluating the effects of a new medicine on motor control

2 February 2016

Researchers at UCL Clinical Neurophysiology are looking for healthy male volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55 to participate in a study evaluating the effects of a new medicine on motor control of the hand and cutaneous sensation.

Motor control medicine

To be eligible you should be of a normal weight and should not have been taking medicines within the past two weeks.

Participation will involve a screening visit (60-90 minutes), two treatment periods separated by at least 6.5 days, and a final safety check visit (30-60 minutes).

Each treatment period involves taking a single oral dose of the study medication and four test phases (each taking about 60 minutes) over one day.

In each test phase we will use a set of non-invasive tasks to assess the motor control and skin sensation of your hand. We will also ask you to participate in simple paper-and-pencil tests.

For the costs of time, travel and incidentals, you will receive up to £230 as reimbursement.

To take part, email the UCL Clinical Neurophysiology research team via: cnp-research@uclh.nhs.uk, or for more information visit their website.

This research has been reviewed and approved by NRES Committee London - West London & GTAC, reference number: 15/LO/0814

Dr Gintaute Samusyte
UCL Institute of Neurology