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Staff Survey Case Study

30 September 2015

Staff Survey 2013 sections:  Vision and Values 'I understand the values of UCL' and 'I feel that my goals and objectives are aligned to those of UCL' We were doing Faculty meetings were held once a month for senior members of professional staff where goals, objectives and institutional messages were conveyed and subsequently filtered down to all staff members You said: FPHS should do more to help staff understand their roles within the wider context of UCL We did: FPHS held its inaugural conference in 2014 for Professional Services Staff from every Institute organised by a team of FPHS staff.

Colleagues from across the university were invited to deliver presentations and facilitate training sessions around their areas of expertise. The day aimed to increase understanding of how an individual's role figures in, contributes and is valued within the wider context of the Faculty and UCL as well as encourage and enable career development.


Feedback from the inaugural conference demonstrated that the day encouraged, motivated and rewarded professional staff.

What we plan to do next:           

The conference will be held annually organised by FPHS staff for FPHS staff. The schedule and topic will be adapted to meet the demands of staff and align with UCL-wide activities.