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Participate in economics experiments and earn money

8 October 2015


Participate in economics experiments and earn money econ.ucl.ac.uk/orsee/public/" target="_self">ELSE research group at UCL is looking for students to take part in experiments and earn some money. 

All our experiments involve sitting at a desk for a short while making choices, sometimes in our lab in UCL and sometimes online.  There is no hidden agenda, your choices are confidential and data is anonymised, we just want to see which choices people make in different situations. 

The experiments are generally quite interesting and we don't assume any prior knowledge or specific skills from our participants. There are usually about 100 experiments throughout the year.

Earn Money

We pay money to all the participants in our experiments.  You are normally guaranteed £5 just for coming along and you will earn more during the experiment.  The extra amount you get paid on top of the £5 may depend on your choices, the choices of the other participants and on chance. 

This is a great opportunity to earn some money during term time, and to help our research projects too. 

To register to take part in our experiments, please visit the ELSE website.  Registration takes about five minutes.  Please email else.experiments@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions or to find out more information.

The Economic Learning and Social Evolution (ELSE) research group is an interdisciplinary research centre based at University College London devoted to the study of those areas of human behaviour in which economics and psychology come together. For more information about the work of the centre, including the experiments, check out the ELSE website.

All experiments are either approved by the UCL research ethics committee or do not require approval.

All data is collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Dr Brian Wallace, Senior Research Fellow on behalf of UCL ELSE Experiments