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14 October 2015

UCL ChangeMakers is back for its second year after a successful pilot year, where 24 students got involved across 10 projects.

ChangeMakers Feedback from the scheme was very positive and we have made a number of changes this year. These include an earlier project proposal deadline, training and social events and a greater focus on demonstrating impact.

UCL ChangeMakers provides financial and project support to enable staff and students to work together to enhance the UCL learning experience.

It offers opportunities for both student and staff-intiated projects.

UCL ChangeMakers/Connected Curriculum Staff Grants

Staff can put in an application for a staff initiated UCL ChangeMaker/Connected Curriculum grant. These are for you to work with students on a project to develop your teaching in line with the Connected Curriculum. Grants are for up to £500 project costs plus student stipends. The closing date for applications is 5 November 2015. You can download further details, including how to apply, here

Student-initiated projects

You might also want to encourage your students to apply for a student-initiated UCL ChangeMakers project. UCL ChangeMakers is open to all UCL students.

Students live and breathe the courses they are on and so are best placed to suggest the changes or new ways of doing things that would benefit them most. They also offer a fresh perspective and creative ideas that we should encourage when developing the learning experience at UCL.

They don't need a fully developed idea; it can just be a seed of inspiration at this stage. We will then help them plan a feasible project through the one-to-one meetings, training and events open to students undertaking a project. We can also match students up with someone else's project if they don't have an idea of their own but still want to get involved.

Their project will involve teams of students and staff partnering up to investigate an educational issue and make improvements or to pilot a change and evaluate it. They will receive up to £500 funding for their projects plus a stipend of £150 for lead students and £50 for support students. Lead students will see their work recognised on their HEAR. They will also get a certificate at a celebratory event in May 2016.

Students who are interested can visit our website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/changemakers. They can also attend one of our lunchtime Q&A sessions on 13, 15, 21 & 23 October and 3 November 2015 (1-2pm, Arena Room 1-19 Torrington Place, sign up here). Staff are also welcome to these sessions.

Abbie King, UCL ChangeMakers Manager, UCL Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching (CALT)