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Deaths of Professor Lisa Jardine and Professor Jane Wardle

28 October 2015

This week, UCL has lost two eminent members of its community.

Professor Lisa Jardine and Professor Jane Wardle

Professor Lisa Jardine joined UCL in 2012 as Professor of Renaissance Studies and was Director of the UCL Centre for Humanities Inter-Disciplinary Research Projects (CHIRP) She was also founding Directory of the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL). Professor Jardine published over fifty scholarly articles, and wrote or co-wrote seventeen books, including influential studies of Shakespeare, Humanism and Erasmus and the lives of Bacon, Wren and Hooke. You can read a full tribute to Professor Lisa Jardine here.

Professor Jane Wardle was Director of the CRUK Health Behaviour Research Centre at UCL and one of the UK's foremost health psychologists. During her time at the centre, she mentored over 40 PhD students and produced over 600 peer-reviewed publications. Professor Wardle had a record of research that transformed our current understanding of cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis and survivorship. You can read a tribute to Professor Jane Wardle here.

Professor Michael Arthur, President & Provost said: "I was deeply saddened to hear of the deaths of Professor Lisa Jardine and Professor Jane Wardle, and my sincere condolences go to their family and friends. Professor Jardine and Professor Wardle were academic leaders who embodied the very best of what UCL stands for, making transformative contributions to their chosen fields of research. They will be greatly missed by members of the UCL community who have known them as colleagues and friends, but their intellectual legacy will endure."

Image: From left to right, Professor Lisa Jardine and Professor Jane Wardle