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UCL staff engagement survey 2015

2 June 2015

When I first came to UCL, we were preparing for the 2013 staff engagement survey.

UCL staff engagement survey 2015 I and my leadership team were genuinely interested to know what you think and committed to take any necessary action as a result. The results impacted on developing our priorities moving forward, including the development of UCL 2034.

To deliver the ambitious programme we have since put in place requires all our staff to be truly engaged and I remain committed to listening to your views and understanding your concerns and priorities. It is within this context that I am delighted to confirm that UCL's fifth staff engagement survey will take place in October 2015.

This will give us important current and trend data about staff attitudes and engagement and how this impacts on UCL achieving its vision. We can also see whether we have made improvements since the last survey in 2013 and identify where new ideas and projects need to be initiated. To review the action plans and latest update for your area please go to the staff survey webpage.

In preparation for the 2015 survey we are currently appointing an external partner to run the survey and analyse the results on UCL's behalf. We are also bringing together a Staff Survey Project Team, chaired by Professor Graham Hart, Dean of Population Health Sciences to review the survey content and develop and deliver the communication strategy. Nominees to take on the role of local Survey Champion and project team members have been sought from each Faculty and Vice-Provost area. If you are interested in supporting your local Survey Champion please let your Faculty Manager, Professional Service Director or Vice-Provost know.

In line with our ongoing commitment to working in partnership with our recognised campus Trade Unions, UCU, Unison and Unite, they are each nominating union representatives to this group. We see this as a valuable model for positive engagement with our trade union colleagues and ensure that staff voices are heard.

Further information about the survey will be communicated regularly through TheWeek@UCL. If you have any questions please direct them to Fiona Daffern, HR Policy and Planning, who is co-ordinating the survey for UCL f.daffern@ucl.ac.uk.

Professor Michael Arthur

UCL President & Provost