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UCL graduate launches Happy Work - a recruitment service that helps graduates find their ideal job after university

29 July 2015

Harry Warren (MSc Psychology 2015) first had the idea for Happy Work three years ago, but it was his experience at UCL that helped make his idea a reality.

UCL graduate launches Happy Work – a recruitment service that helps graduates find their ideal job after university Happy Work is a recruitment service that uses personality assessment to match graduate job-seekers with specific work vacancies.

"I completed my Bachelor's degree in psychology at the University of Essex in June 2012," says Harry. "When I returned to London, I called recruitment consultants and explained that I wanted a creative job centred on talking to, and helping, people. With no sense of irony, they asked: 'What specific job role would you like to do?'

"How on earth would I, or any other non-vocational undergraduate, know the answer to that question? Even if I decided on a specific job title, companies all have their own ways of doing things. Finding the right job title in the ideal work setting seemed impossible. I thought it just made sense to use personality-type matching in recruitment, so that graduates could find a job that was the right fit."

Putting the idea on ice, Harry decided to pursue his long-term goal of becoming a psychotherapist and enlisted on a psychology Master's degree course at UCL, but the idea for Happy Work continued to play on his mind. It wasn't until he learned about UCL Advances at a Google Campus event that Happy Work began to gain momentum.

"I met another student who told me about UCL Advances Idea Accelerator, an eight-week course that gives students the chance to take a business idea forward. I ended up engaging with UCL Advances and met Lillian Shapiro, a business advisor at UCL, who has really helped with the development of Happy Work. She introduced me to prospective clients and encouraged me to enrol on the UCL Advances Idea Accelerator course, and since then I haven't looked back."

Signing up to Happy Work

Happy Work launched this week and UCL students can sign-up now for free. The service is aimed specifically at recent graduates who are keen to transition from university life to employment.

Explaining how it works, Harry says, "You complete a personality assessment test comprising of 30 questions with 'yes' or 'no' answers. Then, we measure compatibility between your personality and the personality of the company's ideal candidate, you upload a CV, state your wage expectation and then, 'bam!' - you find the right job for your personality and become happy at work."

If you're interested in signing up to Happy Work, you can register using your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts, or you can create a Happy Work account of your own. Employers who are currently signed up to the service include YPlan, NHS and IDEALondon.

With many more companies in the pipeline, Harry is offering the first 10 employers three free job listings on Happy Work. 

For more information contact Harry Warren.

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